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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Healthcare 101


“I’ve been reading on the computer about my healthcare changing in 2014.  I can’t figure it out.”

Me “I don’t think anyone has it completely ‘figured out’ dad.”

“Well the say here that I can make up to $85,000, and pay less.  But I won’t pay medicare anymore, I’ll have to pay someone else.  BUT they won’t tell you or warn you who you have to pay– So what does that mean, if I can’t find the silly son-of-a-bitches to pay I lose my insurance?!”

Me “I don’t know dad, I haven’t really looked ahead that far.

“Well there won’t be a medicare, or one of these supplemental programs anymore.  I’m gonnna pay someone else, but they won’t tell me who to pay! (he probably wants to write a check out right now…to pay them early…like his electric bill)  But from what I can tell the insurance is gonna be a lot cheaper and a lot better.  If I can just find the bastards who I gotta pay.”

Me   “Well I’m sure we’ll find out when the time comes.”

“Ya, I guess.  But they do say it won’t be bad.  It will be effectual beneficial to me.”  (that must be a medical term in the Obamacare Act – effectual beneficial)

“I mean…effectually better, it will affect us in a better way…it won’t be bad for us…it’s positively effectual.”

At this point EVEN HE changed the subject.