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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Trial by Jury

Started my morning conversation with dad about trees.  The man apparently has a long running history with trees, he cuts them down whenever he can.  We had one completely dead pine tree and a beautiful maple that was half dead (though the “dead-ness” of the tree is still in debate) in yard of Nick and Aimie’s house.  We sent a crew over to cut down the dead tree and to trim off the dead branches on the old maple.

Dad was supervising.

(I’ll let that sink in)

20140408_145324  And now – the tree is completley gone.

I had a decision to make – get really upset with him, or get over it.  After a brief discussion of him telling me his reasoning behind cutting the entire tree down, I decided to just get over it.

Unfortunately it’s hard to get over it when every flippin’ time I’ve talked to him in the past few days he’s still talking about trees!  He tells me he wants to cut down the tree in MY NEIGHBOR’S yard!!  I explained to him that we cannot cut down my neighbors tree, then he tells me, “When that tree branch that’s hanging in your yard pokes me in the eye I’ll cut it down and then sue him in a trial by jury.”

That statement immediately led him to talk about the cable companay again. (everything ties back to the cable company)  “I got my last bill from the internet or cable company – whoever they are – but I’m not paying it because I cancelled!  They can sue me, and I’ll tell them let’s go to court and get me a trial by jury!”