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Monthly Archives: July 2014


Dad has always had a flare with his use of the English Language.

Paula and I have been trying to repeat what he says in order to remember these grammar lessons, so that we may pass them down to future generations.

A few of our favorites:

Cause something to disappear = Dipissitate (more commonly known as dissipate)

This word is used frequently, for example, “I put water in with that juice to dipissitate the sugar.”

Entangle somebody or something = ME-ier (more commonly known as mire)

Commonly used when the great grandkids spill something, “I gotta clean that up before they Me-ier it into the rug!”

Medical system based on alignment of the bones = Cryopactic (you and I might say chiropractic)

I just heard this one the other day when he was telling my Stan was having trouble with his back, “He went for a cyropactic appointment.”