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If not Hypoxia, Then ???

I thought it was the lack of oxygen that was making dad confused. I had my morning conversation with him today and he told me, “My oxygen tester says I’m at 92% even after doing some yard work.” So it is not hypoxia causing confusion, but I’d say still confused.

Dad, “So what’s going on tonight?”

Me, “Oh I don’t know, nothing I guess.”

Dad, “What!? The boys don’t have ball practice tonight? Nobody told me!”

Me, quickly, “Oh no – I don’t know anything about the ball schedule. I was just saying I don’t have anything planned.”

Dad, “Well I guess they don’t have practice. Or I’m wondering if they won’t, probably not.” Sounds like he’s given up.

Me, “You should talk to Aimie (their mother!) about the schedule. I don’t keep track of it dad.”

Dad, “Yeah, they probably won’t have it anyway, I’m guessing it’s called off.” Now sounds like he knows something I don’t.

Me, “Why do you say that, is there rain in the forecast?”

Oh Lord – why did I have to mention the weather. I won’t write the back-and-forth about the forecast, or why he wonders why I thought there may be rain coming when he’s been watching the news since 4:30 this morning and these damn weathermen – or whatever they call themselves – haven’t said a word about it! He was very angry that I knew something he didn’t!

Eventually we discover that there is no weather cover-up and I just assumed he thought the practice was going to be called for weather. Why else would he assume it was cancelled?

I’ll tell you why –


He doesn’t know where practice is – he doesn’t know what field – he doesn’t know if he’s taking them – he’s been left in the dark again! He can’t reach anyone, no one is answering the phone!

After he calms down – he tells me about his plans for the day, “Well I’m gonna shower, feed the squirrels, get the mail, kill some time and then pick up some chicken for the boys at 3:00, I told them I’d get them some chicken and Hawaiian rolls, ha ha ha. Then I’ll pick up Connor from school at 3:40 and feed him, he loves those rolls. Then I’ll take Connor to ball practice and sit and watch until it’s over, I guess Blake will come with us……”

Evidently ball practice has NOT been cancelled.


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