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Try “Dolly”

One of the stressors in dad’s life is his cell phone. (Therefore, one of the stressors in my life is HIS CELL PHONE) We have purchased him at least 5 in the past 4 years – each one having enough faults to drive him to a weekly rant over the difficulties of its operation.

I finally broke down and bought him an iPhone. He seems to manage his iPad pretty well, so in the sentiment of being consistent I figured this was the best bet.

He’s had it for about 3 days now, I figure the learning curve should be over so I’m ready for this to end.

He’s on his way to my office as I type this – we’re going to try to set up Facebook on the phone. Because without Facebook – how is he supposed to get the “news”.

We’ve tried numerous times to set up his account, but he cannot remember any passwords. He has cussed and screamed, “I’m a 74 year old man that has trouble remembering how to get from here to there – how am I supposed to remember all of these passwords and emails!”

I agree. Which is exactly why we have set up the SAME EXACT password for everything. He even knows that password and recites it to me often.

So why – why – why when I try to go in and set up his Facebook account is the SAME EXACT password not working???

He swears he’s not changing it – but he also likes to go in and play with the account settings.

“I lost all my contacts! I was trying to change the ringtone and lost them all. But when someone calls me, I see the name of who’s calling, so I think they’re in there somewhere!” We found his contacts, he had changed a setting to hide them all. He swears he didn’t. “I don’t change anything! I swear!”

“Okay dad, have you changed your password?” I’m trying not to sound like I’m talking to a child.

“No! I don’t change anything! Ever! This damn phone is messed up. Stan tells me it’s the platform it’s on. (???) It’s the router.”

“I’m trying your password, the one that we have written down, that we all know, and it’s not working.” Trying to be perfectly clear.

“Well…I didn’t change anything.” He lets me continue to enter the SAME EXACT password over and over again.

Me – “Dad, it’s not working.”

“Try Dolly.” Dad offers a password that is so far out of left-field, none of us have ever heard this one.

Me – “Why would I try that?! Did you change your password to Dolly?”

“I may have….” He’s acting confused now, and believe me it’s an act. He knows he’s been caught.

It wasn’t Dolly either.

We changed it back to the SAME EXACT password that we all know. We’ll see how long it lasts.


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