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Stealing Cleaners

My cleaning service is undergoing some staffing issues. (I’m familiar with the problem!) However, they have been skipping my cleanings and when my cleanings are scheduled the work has been so bad that it has required me to clean up after my cleaning ladies on more occasions than not. I’ve spoken with the company, and they are just really suffering from a labor shortage.
I decided to call the company that Paula set up for my dad. He has had nothing but compliments for them. So they start next week.
My first mistake was calling my dad, “Well, you’re going to get a referral bonus because I’ve just hired your cleaning company!”
He laughs, “So you finally go rid of yours huh? Well that’s great! The do a heck of a job at my house. They really do. There is a girl named Amy who comes every week, she’s the leader and she does a heck of a job on my floors.” (This is a HUGE compliment – when he was cleaning his own house he threatened to paint the hard wood floor because he couldn’t keep them clean. I guess the dust resistant paint)
So this morning I get this call from dad, “I guess you hiring my cleaning company has really messed me up! They didn’t come this morning! They come every week at 8:30 on the nose, and they weren’t here. So I left! So, what?! Did you steal them? Are they doing you instead of me now?!” He was actually angry with me.
“Dad, me hiring them has nothing to do with your house being cleaned. When did you leave? You didn’t wait for them?” Why does he do this?
“Well I waited until 8:40 (how generous of him) and when they weren’t here I took off. I can’t sit around here all day, I’ve got things to do!” This from the man who routinely takes a ride to our office to visit, just because he has nothing to do. I ended the conversation quickly, couldn’t deal with it today.
A few hours later Paula gets a call from dad’s cleaning company (and now mine…evidently SOLEY MINE), “Hello Ms. Gregory, is everything okay with our services for your father? One of my cleaners said she was sitting in front of his house this morning at 8:20 (BEFORE 8:30) waiting on her partner to arrive and your father pulled out of the driveway, rolled down his window and told her “You’ve just lost a good customer” and then drove away.”
Paula persuaded them to come again, persuaded dad to calm down and handled the situation.
I received a phone call before bed from dad, “Well, those cleaners came to my house late today……” Then proceeded to tell me the same story as before, this time in a more calm voice and actually adding in the fact that one of them was there and she was just waiting on the other girl, who was evidently sick. Whew! It wasn’t my fault after all!

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